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How do I Login to access the materials

Use the same credentials you usually use when login to the Student Portal.

How do i enroll for courses

Login to the eLearning portal, click on the link enroll on a course, select the category, select the degree programme and click on the icon  next to the course name.

Is online learning for me?

Online learning is ideal for self-motivated people who are comfortable with current technology and can express themselves well in writing. Distance learners must also be able to manage their time effectively.

 When do I have to login for class?

Online classes are asynchronous, meaning you can login and do your classwork whenever you like. However, tests and assignments will have due dates, just like they do in face-to-face classes.

Which programs and courses are online?

Check the available online courses at http://odel.uonbi.ac.ke/node/1268

 Can I get an entire degree online?

Yes. You can complete a master’s degree start to finish with e-learning portal Online. You can

 How much does it cost?

Please refer to the fee structure for the most current rates.

 Do online classes have professors?

Yes, e-learning portal Online’s courses are taught by the same Lectures teaching the face to face classes.

Do online courses have textbooks?

That depends on the course. Some require a textbook. Others are fully self-contained, meaning all the required reading is online as part of the course. Any required texts will be on the course syllabus.

 What kind of Internet connection do I need?

The faster, the better. Wi-Fi, cable, and DSL will all work, but dial-up may prove to be too slow when trying to navigate more complex courses.

What if I have technical difficulties in my class?

If you experience technical difficulty with the course, please contact lst@uonbi.ac.ke  to reach the eLearning staff.

What services are available to online students?

UoN Website | UoN Repository | ICTC Website

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